The savings provided by separation are quickly visible in several ways

kuiva aineen levityslietesäiliöön lisätilaa
  • The slurry logistics improve
  • The phosphorus will be transferred automatically with the dry subtance to the distant fields (away from the home fields)
  • The slurry can be pumped and spread faster.
  • More space in the slurry tank and dry substance to the manure pit.
  • The nutrients will be better utilised (e.g. nitrogen can be utilised 80% more efficiently)
  • The need to purchase fertilizers decreases
  • The feed will taste better and the feed hygiene is improved.
  • The composted, odourless dry substance can be spread nearby residential areas.
  • Environmental load decreases, because the nutrients are used more effectively for the plants.
  • The separation provides effective fuel for bio fuel plants.
  • The spreading period of manure will be longer outside the season.
  • Weed seeds will die and the need to use toxins decreases.
  • The use of composted dry substance as a dryer extends the cow’s life 20% as a better health of the udder.
  • Less nutrients will be rinsed away when the need to condition eutrophicated water system decreases