The investment on a separation equipment pays itself back quickly, saving the environment.

The benefits and cost savings provided by separation are undisputed. The separation equipment is a reasonable investment everywhere where the water is mixed with slurry.

The separation of slurry manure saves nature, additional fertilizers, hours on tractor as well as your own work. In addition, the composted dry substance is a good and odorless fertilizer nearby residential areas. The separation of slurry manure provides many benefits for processing the slurry manure at milk, cow and pig farms.

– Nutrients can be better focused according to the field-specific cultivation, when the need for a fertilizer decreases.

– The nutrients in the slurry can be utilised better for the sod during the growth period. The liquid part does not contaminate the growth and slurry is absorbed more quickly to the field, when the soluble nitrogen can be better utilised.

– The separation provides a cleaner feed that does not deteriorate. It tastes better for the animals and their production will be better.

– The slurry can be spread on a smaller field surface, and the spreading distances become shorter.

– The spreading costs of the slurry decrease. Pumping the liquid part and spreading becomes faster by 30%.

– The blocking problem of the slurry equipment is removed and the slurry is better absorbed to the field.

– The lighter dry substance is economical to transport to the most distant fields and the spreading can be made with light equipment.

– There will be 20-30% more capacity in the slurry tank. During the construction phase, the dry substance manure pit is economical regarding its construction costs than a slurry tank.

– The liquid part can be used for rinsing and decreasing the dry substance content in the slurry shafts. The liquid part can be easily pumped long distances to the remote tank when the slurry tank does not need to be next to the cattle house.

– At pig farms, the phosphorus will remain effectively in the dry subtance and the need to mix the slurry decreases.

– The dry substance will be composted quickly, when also the weed seeds will compost.

– The composted manure is a good nutrient when renewing the field.

– The dry substance is a good nutrient for ground water areas and nearby residential areas because there are no nutrient leaks and the manure is odorless.

The separated dry substance is an effective raw-material for bio fuel plants. When transporting slurry, we are mainly transporting water. The transport need of raw material decreases. The bio fuel reactor can be built five times smaller, a so called digester plant. The nutrients can be used more easily for plants. 
Separation is also used in sewage cleaning and process industry. The separator can be utilised for separating all kinds of dry substance from liquid. The solid substance of the slurry from the sewage disposal plants can be separated into a sufficiently dry form for further processing and transport. The separator is used in process industry, e.g. paper and food industry.